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Packet Cash Counting Machine NW-880C
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    Packet Cash Counting Machine NW-880C

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    • Packet Cash Counting Machine NW-880C is accurate financial equipment for quickly counting banknotes without removing the paper band.
    • Suitable for traders such as stock exchange, banks, finance & business services, etc.
    • It can count various notes, such as banknotes and document bills.
    • With Check/ Add/ Batch/ Free Modes Free Counting Mode.
    • All notes in the holder are counted and displayed by LED.
    • Verify Mode: The number of bundled notes is verified.
    • Batching Mode: Notes are counted according to the preset number, which can be programmed with the keypad.
    • Accumulated Mode: Each successive counting result can be added together.
    • High-quality motor and vacuum pump make sure a quiet working environment.
    • The desktop vacuum banknote counter is a space-saving design.
    • Vacuum-type bills counting.
    • High counting speed 2.5s/100 notes.