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Value Counting Machine NW-950
Value Counting Machine NW-950
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    Value Counting Machine NW-950

    Rs. 80,000 PKR
    • Model Nw-945
    • Value Counting Function by Size
    • Detect Fake Currency While Counting
    • Manually and Automatic Start, Stop and Clearing
    • Automatic Detection With Uv, and Mg While Counting
    • Batch Function
    • Chain Note Detection
    • Counting Speed: 900pcs/min
    • Software Can Be Upgraded via USB Port

    The NW-950 Cash Counting Machine redefines efficiency and security in currency handling. Featuring a sophisticated value counting function by size, it ensures accurate and swift processing of various denominations. Equipped with advanced counterfeit detection during counting, including UV and MG capabilities, the NW-950 guarantees the identification of fake currency. Its versatility is highlighted by the option for both manual and automatic start, stop, and clearing, providing seamless user control. The batch function facilitates organized cash management, while chain note detection prevents errors in counting. With an impressive counting speed of 900pcs/min, this machine delivers rapid and precise results. The USB port allows easy software upgrades, ensuring adaptability to evolving currency features. The NW-950 is a reliable solution for streamlined and secure cash-handling processes.